Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weather Permitting

We have had a significant amount of rainfall since the first of the month. Brewing storms overhead keep me awake, I will admit, out of fear that a tornado will develop. Mighty winds, crashing thunder, and pounding rains don’t exactly make for a peaceful night’s sleep for someone who has just been exposed to their first “TORNADO WATCH” on their television screen.

Though the majority of the days have been cloudy and gloomy, the sun does make an appearance, usually in the afternoon. It did so last night, inviting me to go for a jog. However, running through humid “air you can wear,” as my neighbor puts it, is nothing like running in the extreme dry heat that I am used to. I found myself gasping for air much sooner than usual, and ended the jog in a similar fashion. After the sun went down, I watched from the neighbor’s deck as the clouds began to gather, and lightning started flashing. I am hopeful the weathermen are right about their clear predictions for the next few days, as a big weekend lies ahead.

I met with Mindy, Ann Marie, and Edith from the Iowa Corn Growers Association again this morning, to tie up a few loose ends and review our detailed schedule for the next three days. Tomorrow kicks off Sunday’s Iowa Corn Indy 250 race. Two hundred journalists from around the world are expected to cover the event, and I have my very own set of media credentials! Though my main objective is to obtain photographs for the event, I am there to assist the members of the Association in making sure the event runs smoothly, and as planned. I am looking forward to another eventful weekend which you can be sure will be updated here in the days to come, so long as the weather permits.

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